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Follow That Dream

Pam Ford Davis

Elvis had many box office hits in his movie career. One of his films, Follow That Dream did not have a dramatic plot; it just gave fans the chance to enjoy his music and see him on the big screen. We all need a dream; the challenge to follow that dream motivates us.          

We should seek out goals, those repressed dreams and line them up against God’s plan for our lives. “Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet; but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:13-14 NAS).”

In many ways, a dream and a vision are alike. Search several Bible translations for wording in Proverbs 29:18. The word vision is also shared as a revelation. The tragic results of a lack of vision includes: perishing, running wild, and being unrestrained. It seems that individually, families, churches and nations need a dream, a vision renewed and refreshed in us. I desire that within my mind and spirit.      

I do not want my life to be running wild…  It brings to mind a car on a busy interstate, with loss of control, leading to chain reaction accidents. Take my challenge; follow that dream. Jesus is waiting at the finish line!

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Come To Me

Pam Ford Davis

Growing up, I lived in a small country neighborhood in upstate New York. In nice weather, most children would be outside playing.  Many families then were larger than now, and it did not take long to get a crowd together for games or exploring.  There were five children in our family, six across the road, twelve in the house on the corner, and a number more in our close-knit community.

We did not have the luxury of cell phones, beepers or even walkie-talkies.  When we wanted someone, we just yelled out his or her name. A McIntosh apple orchard behind our house gave children fun opportunities to climb trees, pick apples, and explore.  I remember our secret call to others, Kee-aw-kee, come to me!  

Friends or siblings would come running when that message filled the air. A few years ago, while watching an old Lassie show rerun, I heard Timmy and his neighborhood friend use the same phrase while playing together.  I guess that may be where we picked it up.  I did some quick internet searching to see if it is an Indian translation for come to me, but I did not locate my answer.  I guess I’ll settle for an unsolved mystery with my childhood memories.  When the Lord calls us, we don’t need a secret message from Him.  “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow Me (John 10:27 NAS).”  Here I come!

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God Has A Secret


Romans 5:10

It was said of Abraham that he was a friend of God. What a marvelous statement about any person Think about what all friendship involves.

My best friend is my husband of 55 years. He knows more about me than any other living soul. Yet he still loves me, warts and all. He knows where I keep the coffee cups and the spoons. He knows where to put the dirty laundry. He knows that I snore. That is because we abide together. He knows my joys and my sorrows. He knows simple things; like I like to eat sandwiches of anything. These are probably things about me that others do not know…or care. We can spend hours together never uttering a word and then suddenly both say the same thing simultaneously.

There are other friends in my life who know secrets from my heart. We have laughed and cried together over events for many years. They, too, know my joys and sorrows. I may call on them at anytime for a cup of coffee, a visit, a prayer. We have even prayed over the telephone together as I cry and they pray. There are those who have given me little gifts (for no reason other than love) at no eventful time. They leave a small package on the seat of my car, or on my doorknob at home. What a friend!

Beloved, we all have such a friend. (Not one with skin on as the little boy is noted for saying). But we have a friend who loves to abide with us. What a privilege to abide with the Living God! He would like to walk with us in our garden as He did with Adam. He would love to call us friend as He did Abraham. Perhaps He would like to know us as a “child after His Own Heart” as He did King David. He already knows your our intimate secrets; but He would like to reveal some of His secrets to us.

Our Father wants to hear from us about the secret things of our hearts…our joys, our sorrows, our desires. He wants to know the simple things like our concerns over our children’s grades in schools, what can I do to stretch my time as a wife and mother or grandmother? He listens to our frustrations and our victories (say, Father, did You know my husband got a raise today; my child made an A in math. WOW) He can know these things from us because we choose to abide with Him. Abiding indicates quality time spent together.

He already leaves little gifts for us all over the place. What was that special hug from my child or that smile from my baby if it wasn’t a Gift from God? Who do we think arranges for those A’s in life and those raises that come unexpectedly? What was that beautiful day of sunshine shedding its light over the ountryside? What was that refreshing rain cooling off the parched land? What is that “Peace that passes all understanding” in a time of trial? Where’d that come from anyway?

We can spend much time together…never saying a word, just listening; and all of a sudden the Heavenly Father, the Creator of the Universe, speaks to my heart revealing His Heart and His plans for me. He reassures me of His love. He gives me glimpses of His secrets.

Dear Heart, Friends love to be together and to share. The mark of a true friend is their availability to us when we need, and their undying friendship regardless of our faults. We have such a Friend…and What a Friend He is. Enjoy Him

“Dearest Father, What a Friend we have in You all ‘because of what Christ has done in dying for our sins…making us friends of God’. (Psalm 5:11 Living Bible) Help us to take every advantage of that friendship by abiding in You and Your Word. ‘I come to the Garden alone; while the dew is still on the roses.’ Amen”

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Your Words


Your Words have upheld…Job 4:4

Encouraging words spoken firmly,

Motivates, strengthens the stumbling,

For it is in you to say, express loudly,

Words which make the weak, strong.

Say an encouraging word to your pastor,

For his sermons and for the prayers,

For being in the church, a pillar of strength,

For conducting weddings and baptisms ceaselessly.

To the postman and the corner policeman,

All around you, for these are those who matter,

Who serve; look after you, your well being and security,

For you to be in comfort, without worry and distress.

Speak those words, comforting and encouraging,

Which motivates them to do their outmost,

You don’t lose, but they gain satisfaction,

That they are appreciated and well thought off.

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Revolving Door

Do you feel like you are living your life going around and around in a revolving door?

Pam Ford Davis

We all have days when we don’t believe we are accomplishing anything; we may even feel a little light headed. If those days turn into weeks and months, we need to purposely step out, free ourselves from the revolving door.   Often we realize we are not in the revolving door alone; though separated by barriers we sense another’s presence. We hope their stay is only temporary, that they will also step out to the freedom of fresh air.

As we exit a building through a revolving door, it often takes a few minutes to get our bearings. We need to get our balance and adjust to the surroundings of busy traffic, crowded sidewalks and weather conditions. If the sun is bright we may feel blinded temporarily. When weather conditions are extremely hot, cold, or stormy our body will need to adapt to that as well. 

Change is coming. Our life style and busy schedule suddenly stops. We adjust to changes after exiting the revolving door in order to enjoy our slower paced life. It will be worth it all! “The Lord will guard your going out and your coming in from this time forth forever (Psalm 121:8 NAS).” Jesus is our Doorman!