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Pulling out Cattails – Toni Babcock

“Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands ye sinners and purify your hearts ye double-minded.” (James 4:8 KJV)

Cattails are ferocious things. They can gobble up a pond if you let them. They are attractive to look at for sure, but over time they crowd everything else out. The longer you wait to remove them, the more stubborn they become – burrowing their rhizomes deeper in the mud and spreading themselves out exponentially.  Since I am hesitant to use chemicals, I prefer to don a wet suit or waders and climb in to wage war with the green menace.  

Sin is like that to the Christian. It’s ferocious and invasive. It can gobble up our lives if we let it. It may be attractive to the eye, but over time crowds everything else out. The longer we wait to get rid of it, the more stubborn it becomes, burrowing its muddy roots and spreading like crazy.  

That’s how the devil works.  He wants to change the Christian from a beautiful pool reflecting Jesus to a muddy ravine full of invasive weeds. I say we jump in and start pulling out the cattails by faith. Even if the gnats are biting and the water is sullied with slime. It might take a while for the Spirit to fill up our muddied places, but no matter what – let’s remember who we are in Jesus, and trust God for the glorious things He will do.

Toni M. Babcock is author of Reflections from the Heart in Light of the Gospel of Jesus, and The Stone Writer, Christian Fiction for Young Readers and Teens. Contact

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