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Impaired, Imperfect…Invaluable – Lori Othouse

“I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Psalm 139:14 (NKJ)

“I’ve never quit loving you, and never will.” Jeremiah 31:3 (MSG)

Ever feel beat up and damaged by this life? I know I have. To me, it brings to mind the damaged canned goods on clearance at the grocery store. You know the ones – dented, ripped or missing labels, almost expired  – thrown in a shopping cart at the back of the store, waiting for someone in search of a bargain to come along.

Maybe that’s you, or has been you. You feel dented and damaged, like you’ll never get back to the shape you used to be in – physically, emotionally, etc. Or your label is missing; you struggle with identity and sometimes don’t even know who you are anymore. Maybe you feel like you’ve expired – it’s too late for whatever it is you dreamed of or hoped for.

But there is One who does not see you that way. Your “Manufacturer”, if you will. You may have some damage according to the eyes of the world, but He sees you as He created you – unique, complete, lacking nothing. Your value does not decrease in His eyes just because your look isn’t perfect or your functionality seems hindered. He willingly paid the highest price for you – gave His Son to purchase and keep you. God has not stamped an expiration date on you, therefore, you have indefinite potential and are immeasurably valuable simply because you are His. It’s time to look past the dents and the labels to the One who gave all He had for you; you will always be top shelf to Him.

Lori is a wife, mom, dreamer and lover of God’s word and coffee. Contact

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