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FaithWriters Great Multitude Christian Daily Devotional Accept Jesus as Savior

The New Anchor – Ken Ebright

“In the same way, every good tree produces good fruit, but a bad tree produces bad fruit Matthew 7:18” (NCV)

When a news anchor is out in the world, presenting to the public, he or she represents the station they work for, and they must represent their station well. This makes me think of a situation that happened when I worked for a shopping channel. Coleen, a local newscaster, asked Duane who worked in the scene shop, to do something for her. Because of her notoriety, Duane had an idea of what she would be like, or so he thought. Apparently, after this personal encounter, Coleen’s actions and attitude did not represent the station well or match up with the professional image she portrayed on television. 

When we see people that are on television every night, like Coleen, we think we have an idea of how they look and act. People also think they have an idea of how a follower of Christ should look and act. More like Jesus. But, when people see how we act in public at times, it makes me wonder, are we sending the wrong message? What do non-believers think of us? 

The verse talks about producing good fruit. When I think about good fruit, I think about my behavior. We need to ask ourselves; how do we represent Christ? How do we handle adversity at the checkout counter, or work? There are times when I have really blown it and lost my temper at the store, and work. After the store incident, I became convicted and made myself drive back to the store and apologize. As Christians, our challenge is to produce good fruit so that other people can see Jesus in us. The only way to do this is to pray and ask the Lord for help. 

Ken loves to play musical instruments and worship Jesus. Contact him and read more from him HERE.

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