Rocking Chairs

I began writing this article sitting comfortably in a rocker glider. I have been a rocking chair fan most of my life. My mom placed one in our living room; and there were rockers on my grandparent’s porches. I believe babies are to be loved, fed, diapered, bathed, and ROCKED! I started babysitting at age eleven; and I have happily rocked many babies.

After our first child’s birth we picked up an old wooden rocker. A couple of years later I gave birth to our next child.  One Christmas my husband’s parents gave me a beautiful small white rocker, with a cushioned back and seat. I could not have been more thrilled! In the past forty years there have been many rockers, some holding special memories. I enjoy old movies, especially from the 1930-1950’s era. One of my favorite Christmas classics is “Christmas in Connecticut,” starring Barbara Stanwyck and Dennis Morgan. In one scene he demonstrated different methods and reasons for rocking. It’s a keeper!

The “Britannica World Language Dictionary” explains rocking in ways such as: “moving back and forth, to sway…to soothe, as to put to sleep.” We sing “rock-a-bye lullabies!” Now I understand the appeal of rockers; it is soothing to rock! The dictionary defines soothe: “to restore to calm, to a quiet or normal state.” Jesus, who “calmed” the raging sea, (Mark 4:39) is my Rock. He soothes me as He rocks me in His arms!


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