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Circle Your Wagons

Wagon Train” and “Death Valley Days” were two very popular TV series during my early years.  They inspired their viewers with tales of American pioneers, pushing westward to a new way of life. These heroes were driven from within to face and overcome obstacles, beyond their natural strengths. Time and time again they would show a group of travelers with their covered wagons facing an attack by Indians. The Wagon Master would shout out the command: “Circle your wagons!” Quickly they followed the instructions of the leader they trusted. They gathered in a circle knowing they were safer, and more powerful as they grouped close together.

Christians, we are under attack. Just as The Pioneers faced savage Indians, we must be on guard against the attacks of Satan and his demons. It is time to circle our wagons. The Indians would catch the pioneers off guard, when they felt safe and secure.  Suddenly the sounds of the Indians war cry would fill the air. The Indians were very vocal. With their chants and cries they were announcing their attack in a very dramatic way.  Satan, the Accuser, can be very loud as well. He shouts his accusations and condemnations in your ears, and mind. Does this sound familiar? “You are worthless. You are no good. God could never love YOU. God could never forgive you!”  Just as the sounds of The Indians made the pioneers fearful, we are often paralyzed by fear at Satan’s shouts.

The Indians were known by their vicious attacks, often using flaming arrows.  Not only were they shot at the westward travelers, but also at their covered wagons.  Today Satan shoots his flaming arrows at us, (Ephesians 6:16), and at our covering. We should be covered by prayer.  It is our protection on our journey to our Promised Land.  How does he attack prayer?  Any way he can!  He tries to keep us from prayer. He distracts us during prayer. He tries to get us to use only general terms. He keeps us too busy and too tired. The pioneers did not surrender. They circled their wagons!  They kept their guns loaded.  They all joined in, each having their part.  Even the children could pass around the ammunition to the adults. Yes, we must circle our wagons. It is urgent to work together, young and old, to be over comers.  The sound of a bugler leading the charge meant victory would be possible. The Cavalry rode in to rescue the pioneers.  The Indians fled as they were pushed back by the Cavalry, with swords drawn. Calvary is our victory!  God’s word is the sword of the spirit. Can’t you hear the trumpet sounding?  We are rescued, delivered, saved. The Lord Jesus and His Heavenly Host are pushing back Satan and his evil, wicked spirits.  We can continue on our journey of faith.  “Circle your wagons!”


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