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Security Guard

One occupation that neglects to receive the appreciation deserved is the position of Security Guard. Many times people are even unaware that someone is there on duty. The guard just quietly does the work required, day by day, sometimes year after year. My Dad filled the role of security guard for General Electric in Syracuse, New York for nearly twenty five years. A Grandfather and Uncle were also on the guard force. In many ways it is like a military or law enforcement job, even holding ranks. My uncle became a Corporal. The uniforms were impressive, looking much like New York State Troopers. There were occasions when officers called upon Dad to direct traffic, at vehicle accident scenes. Why? People respected his uniform. It represented authority and protection.  The job is often a lonely one, working alone for many hours, and in all kinds of weather. At times his personal safety took a back seat. He worked in times of unrest, crossing picket lines during plant strikes. I am proud of the work that my father did.

Do you realize that our hearts and lives are vulnerable, and in need of guarding? See: Philippians 4:6-7. We are commanded to not be anxious, but to pray and be thankful. We are instructed to bring all our requests to God. Then in ways beyond our understanding, His peace will guard our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.God’s peace is on guard duty day and night! Many night watchmen have been known to nod off while on duty. God never grows weary. He quietly goes about His responsibilities attentively protecting us. We can be sure that Lloyd’s of London could not promise more!


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