Christian Growth, Devotionals

Rainy Days


Rainy days get a bad rap. Just the sound of those words often paints a picture of gloom. In days gone by, before clothes dryers, rainy days were a source of real frustration. Large families with piles of dirty laundry would have to postpone wash day. For children it meant being shut in the house, restless, with their nose pressed up against the window pane. A farmer knows he needs to be out in the field; nervously he keeps checking the latest forecasts. Yes, I can see why a rainy day is not always desirable. Even then it gives you a good excuse to curl up with a favorite book.

At times a rainy day is a source of jubilation, when your area is experiencing drought. Rain becomes the motivation for prayers of gratefulness. There will be rainy days, just as those with sunshine. We need both. What was that old saying, something about into every life some rain must fall? See Matthew 7:24-27. When the rain becomes a storm, having torrential rains and flooding, accompanied by damaging winds, then we have cause for alarm. Jesus teaches us a valuable lesson, about the foundation we choose to build our lives upon. If we construct upon temporary things, we will collapse, like the house built on sand.

 If our decision for the foundation is Rock, the Rock of Ages, we will stand firmly in life’s storms. One very important fact found in this scripture is a real eye opener. We all go through storms. They are not just a punishment for the wicked, though at times they face God’s judgment. We as believers are strengthened through our storms, just as the eagle flies best when fighting the winds. The next time the forecast predicts rain don’t repeat the words of Karen Carpenter, “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.” Instead borrow the phrase from another old song, Let a smile be your umbrella!


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