Granny Pam

It is fascinating to hear the names selected by grandparents today. Traditional choices of grandmother, grandfather and grandma and grandpa are still used. From that foundation our labels go off in many directions. You know who you are; enjoy your new identity.

Both sets of my grandparents were grandma and grandpa; so we also used last names when referring to them. I never thought much about choosing a classification when I would one day become a grandparent.      

When our two children were small we lived about fourteen miles from my husband’s home town. His family still lived there and we got together often. His grandparents were called Grand Ma’ and Grand Pa’ Davis, and Granny and Grand Daddy LeMasters. Our children spent quite a bit of time with their Great Granny and Grand Daddy. Though in her 60’s Granny played right along with our children. She got down on a quilt pallet and wrestled, using the pre-school version of course. Her pleasure resulted in heart-felt laughter. Granny became a role model to me for grand-parenting. Twenty years later when the blessings of grandchildren arrived, I became Granny Pam. My husband gladly accepted his role as Grand Daddy. If the name fits, wear it.


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