Family, Short Stories

I Am Safe

Pam Ford Davis

I’m not afraid of the darkness; are you? I know I am safe in here; my mommy and daddy love me and they wouldn’t let anything hurt me. It is like a game; I see shadows and try to imagine what they might be! I can make them anything I decide, because it is my own private game.

One of my very favorite ways to pass time in the darkness is listening to all the noises outside. When it is late at night and everyone one is very still I hear lots of exciting sounds. The sounds I like the best are laughing and music! I kick my feet and wave my arms;  I am so happy!

I’m moving around in the darkness now, trying to find the way out. I think I have almost found my door.  I need to push it open. Yes, it is opening now! The light hurts my eyes; it will take a little while to adjust to such brightness.

Now that I am out of the darkness I can hear that laughter even better; maybe I’ll hear the music, too! The Dr. just wrapped me in a blanket and laid me in the arms of my mother. Yes, that is Mommy! I know her heart beat! She is laughing as Daddy grabs my fingers! This is even better than my games alone in the darkness. Mommy is humming and rocking me in her arms, just like she used to do when walking. Each time she did that before, in the darkness she made me rock and sway! “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so…” The light brought me closer to the laughter and music; and I can see Mommy and Daddy! I already know Jesus; he showed me the way to the door…


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