Christian Growth, Devotionals

Revolving Door

Do you feel like you are living your life going around and around in a revolving door?

Pam Ford Davis

We all have days when we don’t believe we are accomplishing anything; we may even feel a little light headed. If those days turn into weeks and months, we need to purposely step out, free ourselves from the revolving door.   Often we realize we are not in the revolving door alone; though separated by barriers we sense another’s presence. We hope their stay is only temporary, that they will also step out to the freedom of fresh air.

As we exit a building through a revolving door, it often takes a few minutes to get our bearings. We need to get our balance and adjust to the surroundings of busy traffic, crowded sidewalks and weather conditions. If the sun is bright we may feel blinded temporarily. When weather conditions are extremely hot, cold, or stormy our body will need to adapt to that as well. 

Change is coming. Our life style and busy schedule suddenly stops. We adjust to changes after exiting the revolving door in order to enjoy our slower paced life. It will be worth it all! “The Lord will guard your going out and your coming in from this time forth forever (Psalm 121:8 NAS).” Jesus is our Doorman!


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