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Holly Jolly Christmas

Pam Ford Davis

“Have a Holy Jolly Christmas!” When we remember to keep the day holy and worship the newborn King, he fills us with joy. When we leave Christ out of Christmas…   all that remains is “mass” confusion! Fall before the feet of Holy God, come in the flesh. Emanuel will reveal his glory and fill our hearts with contentment.

Why do I wear gloom and doom on my face? Jesus came to give full and meaningful life; he delights in giving his gift of joy. “I have told you these things so that you can have the same joy I have. I want your joy to be the fullest joy (John 15:11 NCV).”

 We can experience joy unspeakable, because we receive hope. “He is our great hope, and he will come with glory (Titus 2:13b NCV).”  If Santa of “The Night before Christmas” is jolly and laughs coming down the chimney, we can be jolly looking up to our Redeemer and King!


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