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The Hand-Holding Stage

Pam Ford Davis

Are you past the hand-holding stage? I fondly remember the days of infatuation and boys beginning our relationship first with affectionate glances followed by hand-holding.  As two, we were linked by touch and others present saw us as a couple. Is it merely an outward display of endearment or does it hold far more?

Hand-holding did not begin in puppy love but at birth. Mom and Dad held my hand and counted fingers. As I grew to toddler stage, they held my hand as I walked at their side, guiding and protecting me from danger. If I rebelled against their authority, they held my hand with correction.

Hand-holding took on a new dimension in my first experiences of death and grieving. People quietly came to my side, held my hand, extended love, comfort and encouragement. They will never know how much I needed that act of kindness and tenderness.

Jesus, take my hand. “When he falls, he shall not be hurled headlong; Because the Lord is the One who holds his hand (Psalms 37:24 NAS).”


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