Bible Studies, Christian Growth, Devotionals

He Willingly Waits

Pam Ford Davis

Unfaithfulness to a mate is both a personal slap in the face and a sign of selfishness. Marriage partners are never to take their vows lightly and adultery, while commonplace in our society is sin. “Thus sayeth the Lord.” (Exodus 20:14)

 Once upon a time there was a man with a wayward wife…

“The Lord said to me, ‘Go again and show your love for a woman who is committing adultery with a lover. You must love her just as I still love the people of Israel, even though they turn to other gods and like to take offerings of raisins to idols. So I paid fifteen pieces of silver and seven bushels of barley to buy her. I told her that for a long time she would have to wait for me without being a prostitute or committing adultery; and during this time I would wait for her (Hosea 3:1-3 TEV).” Our Father willingly waits.

As His wayward children, we have turned to materialism as a way to meet our selfish desires. We have sold out yet Jesus paid the price to ransom us. “the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself to redeem all mankind (1Timothy 2:5b-6a TEV). Soldiers slapped him, spit in his face and mocked his name. He forgave. He is faithful and true.


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