Christian Growth, Devotionals

Eternal Optimist

Pam Ford Davis

Optimism is a rare characteristic in our world of stark reality and disappointments. We become cynical and dark clouds conceal the possibilities that lay before us. I am the proud wife of a man whose favorite phrase may be, “It has potential.” Together we view a rundown shack; I see devastation but he sees a dream.

I proudly serve a God who looks beyond our failures to potential. Peter talked the talk but tripped over his faltering feet as he failed to walk the walk. The man who boasted of never deserting his Lord blundered and betrayed him. Jesus saw past the Big Fisherman’s upcoming pitiful performance to potential. The Holy Spirit would transform Peter from deserter to devotee. He would return to encourage and lead others.

“I have prayed that you will not lose your faith! Help your brothers be stronger when you come back to me (Luke 22:31 NCV).” Jesus prayed for Peter, shining rays of mercy and grace revealed potential beneath a man who would soon cower in fear. The Lord would call Peter to serve as caretaker of the flock. He proved his love for the Master through service and ministry and faithfully fed the lambs and sheep. Jesus is an eternal optimist….  


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