His Intentions

Pam Ford Davis

“And what are your intentions, young man?” In days of old, a stern father met the beau of his daughter in a quaint parlor and quizzed him on his plans to provide for a wife. The younger male figure swallowed the lump in his throat and marked out a path of proper provision and a secure future for his betrothed. He stated his intentions and waited for word of the father’s blessings on the proposed marriage.

The joyous woman in Song of Solomon could not restrain her emotions as she revealed the intentions of the man of her dreams. “He brought me to the banqueting house, and his intention toward me was love (Song of Solomon 2:4 NRS).” He intended to express his lavish love for her as he provided a feast. She knew where he placed his affections and she delighted to be in his presence. His intentions were clear and she saw her own reflection as she gazed in his eyes.




2 Responses to “His Intentions”

  1. Pam Ford Davis

    Oh yes, Jeanne; he sees us transformed by His saving grace!


  2. Jeanne Webster

    “…she saw her own reflection as she gazed in his eyes.” Imagine that, if but for a moment!

    When we see Jesus and look into his eyes, we shall see our reflection in his eyes! We won’t see US as we think we look…but as our Lord sees us…with love! I need to put that thought in my heart for a daily dose of medicine.

    Thanks, Pam


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