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Rest Stops Mandatory!

We make frequent trips from Louisiana-to-Florida, and take countless stops along the way. Rest room breaks are mandatory. We know locations of state rest areas, and patronize truck stops offering clean restrooms and ample numbers of stalls. Even those blessed with bladder control need to stop, stretch their legs, and get the kinks out. We get weary when we travel.

Jesus covered many miles in his years of ministry. He walked and He grew weary. “So he came to a town in Samaria called Sychar, near the field which Jacob gave to his son Joseph; and Jacob’s spring was there. So Jesus, tired from His journey, was sitting by the spring just as He was. It was about noon (John 4:5-6 Williams NT).”

We tend to forget the man Jesus, in our acknowledgment of His deity. As man, He hungered, experienced thirst and became physically weary. Jesus needed a rest stop. He purposely planned to be at Sychar for a divine appointment with a woman at a well. Never too tired to minister, He spoke to her of living water. (Verses7-26) She rushed away to testify!

“The woman then left her pitcher and went back to town and said to the people, ‘Come, see a man who has told me everything thing I ever did. He is not the Christ, is He?’ So the people left town and rushed out to see Him (John 4:28-30 Williams NT).” Was Jesus rest period productive? Had he moved people from attention-to-action?

Many of the Samaritans in that town believed in Him because of the woman’s testimony, when she said, “He has told me everything I ever did.’ So when the Samaritans came to Jesus, they kept on urging him to stay with them; so He did stay there two days. Then a much larger number believed in Him because of what He said Himself (John 4:39-41 Williams NT).”

Jesus shared the message of salvation. He took time to talk to a woman. She told others… “and they were saying to the woman, ‘It is not merely because of what you said that we now believe, for we have heard Him ourselves, and we know that He is really the Savior of the world (John 4:42 Williams NT).” His rest stop brought rest to weary souls!


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