Big Sisters


God gave me two big sisters.

He knew they would love me and make me feel special.

Today, I am remembering Donna, my big sister. It was her birthday.

I cannot give her a call or send an e greeting.

I can simply post an entry on my blog in her memory.

She left an imprint on my heart.

4 thoughts on “Big Sisters

  1. It is a precious blessing to be a sister! Thanks for sharing, Pam. I am a big sister, by 20 minutes, and don’t know what I’d do without Joannie, my twin. Share with you in sorrow. Shalom


  2. SWEET!!! Happy Heavenly Birthday Donna!!! I’m the big sister in my family as well as the oldest cousin on my daddy’s side and the oldest living

    Cousin on my mother’s side//only GOD knows why I’m the healthy one and my brother and 2 sisters suffer so much//like you they always try to make

    Me feel special and I know they do love me. LOVE YE!!!


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