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Construction Zones Consternation

In recent days messages on comfort zones and obstacle courses have come to my attention which led me to rework and old article….


As I drive down a busy interstate, I often see warning signs of what is ahead.

You Are Entering a Construction Zone.

Reduce Speed. Merge Into Left Lane.

Right Lane Ends in 1/4 Mile.

I consider construction areas to be such an annoying waste. It makes the trip take more time and makes my way too narrow. It can be so frustrating! It seems the highways are always under construction.

Yes, I do realize they need repairs but I would prefer that to occur when I am not on the highway. You understand; elves could mysteriously come and do the work when nobody sees. I’m acting ridiculous.

Just grip the wheel, slow down, be patient, follow the vehicle up ahead.

The construction will not last forever. This work area will end a short distance ahead.

I am just as frustrated and impatient about construction zones in my life. The Lord is in the construction ministry. He works below the surface of my life and yours. Why is this construction happening? Rough areas lead to wrecks. Bitterness has left some deep potholes. Several storms in life have washed away large areas of foundation. It would not take much to cause me to swerve out of control.

I admit there are also many ruts from doing things the same old way, right or wrong. Those in whose tracks I’ve maneuvered through journeyed that way.  Therefore, I just trudged along in their ruts. I can see the need for the creator to widen my road in order that more pilgrims may make their way onto the highway. There is no doubt; my life is in a sad state of disrepair.

Do I have choices concerning the construction process? Honestly, I say yes and no. Yes, I can keep my hands off the blueprints saying, “Go in, take control; do whatever construction is needed. Take all the time you need.” On the other hand, I can resist, stand my ground with a refusal to comply.

“No, I’m satisfied the way things are. I’m afraid of change. It is not convenient.”

Then the Lord’s construction will still be taking place, but at a much slower pace. He will accomplish needed work in and around my busy schedule. The work will be more tedious and rather awkward. How do I react to this work? Will I be patient and submissive? In spite of my fear of change, I am thankful. I know I need to make corrections and that I cannot achieve that through self-effort.

No matter how many times I make a resolution or pledge reform, self will attempt to regain control. I am in need of changes from within. Who is in charge of this work? As you drive through construction areas on the highway, you see signs:

“Men At Work.”

In those construction zones within us, Gods’ Holy Spirit does all work. He was there at work in the creation of His world. Who better could re-create a life? Men do influence us by outward circumstances. Only God constructs from within.

One more sign I observe in construction zones is a very welcome sight.

It reads, “End Of Construction.”

We will not see the end of our personal construction until we reach our final destination, reaching our eternal heavenly home with The Lord.

The next time you enter a construction zone, relax. Let it be a reminder of all the work going on at that very moment in your life. Your journey finds you on the Kings highway, your highway of holiness.  (Is.35:8)


4 thoughts on “Construction Zones Consternation

  1. So appropriate! A friend read his poem last night, about his experience on the roads, written some time ago; I will try and pass this on to him.
    I will try and remember to be extremely patient in this situation when next experiencing frustrating traffic works; quite often where we live! :-D. 🙂


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