Christian Growth, Short Stories





“This stage in my life’s not all bad.”

3-14 BLOG

 “Antie, are you talking to yourself again?”

 “Yeah, just thinkin,’ I’m not alone. This daily routine is full of others just as busy as me.”

 “Why so discouraged?”

 “Goes with the territory, I guess. I’m in a mid-life crisis;  staying busy does help to keep me focused. Yet, I’m not convinced the retirement plans are such a good idea. Maybe, if I work extra hard the supervisor will see how I’m useful to the industry.”

“Okay, let’s go with that. What do you think you do best?”

“You should know!  I’m always trying to fix things. I look for problems  in the structure and try to repair it. If the foundation breaks down the entire unit suffers.”

“O Antie, lighten up! Don’t try to do everything yourself; leave some work for others to do.”

“Wish I could, at times I feel like a combination waitress- sanitation engineer! Why does life have to revolve around food? I deliver the food and I’m expected to carry off the garbage.”

“You are so right, Antie! You ready to go after groceries?”

“If I can work up the courage, I might not survive the trip. Predators are everywhere. I live in constant fear of being eaten alive or being ground into the dust!”

Such is the mid life crisis for the typical female ant in her colony. Only the oldest leave the ant beds seeking food, and usually do not survive the expedition.

 “The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their food in the summer (Proverbs 30:25 NKJ).”

I have much to learn from ants. Though fictional, and with negative emotions, Antie teaches me to be industrious in kingdom work. My Father is looking for willing workers to build upon the foundation of His Son, Jesus. I can carry the bread of life to those who hunger and warn of impending danger. Satan lurks in the shadows but Jesus reigns victorious!



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