Many collect autographs of famous authors.

I’d rather PAM CROPPED 2013collect their quotes. I have filled several once empty pages of my Bibles with Scripture references, notes from sermons and quotes by writers, speakers and pastors. They were ‘keepers.’

Quotes by the most gifted speakers and writers do not come close to those ‘written in red.’

Red-letter edition Bibles clearly designate every word attributed to Christ. Each word is of extreme importance. Words such as ‘therefore,’ ‘but’ and ‘truly, truly’ are not to be overlooked. Jesus did not mince His words and I surely don’t want to miss their significance. Listeners could either heed or reject His words. The discerning individuals were astonished.

“When Jesus had closed this address, the result was that the crowds were dumbfounded at His teaching, for He was teaching them as one who had authority to teach, and not as their scribes did (Matthew 7:28-29 Williams New Testament).”

In awe, I read His words. In need, I hide them in my heart that I would not sin against Him (Psalm 119:11).


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