Christian Growth, Friends, Salvation

John Deere Decision


  How old is too old, too set in our  ways? Advancing in years does seem a detriment to seeking radical change. Yet, we can start anew at any age. Let me introduce a man I refer to only as ‘Sam.’ When we first met, he was, I would guess in his mid sixties and retired from the military. He had not retired from life.

Sam busied himself with farming, a well-stocked fishpond, and a woodworking shop. His wife would be retiring soon and they decided to begin a small business in preparation. He opened a gift shop, where in addition to mail order items; he would offer his wife’s ceramics. Already friends, he hired me to serve as clerk (and coffee maker). It was in a small town strip mall.

The manager of the shops was the wife of a local pastor. Conversation came easy for Sam. Conversion had not. His wife was a dedicated Christian and had prayed for his salvation for many years. My husband and I were concerned about him; the always-cheerful strip mall manager was as well. Much to our surprise, Sam made a ‘John Deere’ decision.

The Lord had been tugging at his heart. One day, when working atop his tractor he detoured from the field to a highway and drove to town to talk with the husband-pastor of the manager we had both come to love. Sam got right with his maker and made Jesus his Savior and Lord. We witnessed his water baptism and his change of heart.

Sam, along with his wife, now abides forever with the Lord in heaven. His ‘John Deere’ detour and decision proved he was not too old for transformation.  [Romans 10:9-13]


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