Bilingual Believers

I do not speak fluently in any foreign languages; to be honest, old English teachers would be right in saying I have not mastered my native tongue. SEPTEMBER 2014 002

Church goin’ folks might be surprised to learn that they are bilingual. Many of the words we speak are gibberish to the outside world. I advise a quick study of theology-terminology. This is an open book test.

You will find the answers in the Good Book and a Bible Dictionary.

• Redemption
• Salvation
• Justification
• Sanctification
• Glorification
• Atonement
• Propitiation
• Born Again

Believers converse in terms that only those versed in the Bible and enabled by the Holy Spirit can discern. Yet, we must always make our message clear and understandable to a lost and dying word.

“… that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved (Romans 10:9 NKJ).”


2 thoughts on “Bilingual Believers

  1. danniehawley says:

    I wrote out a comment for your blog and posted it, but then it disappeared, so not sure it made it. High tech is more than my aging brain can take some days.

    Anyway, I appreciated your post a lot. I’m not aware of doing that to new believers or seekers, but I may very well be doing it. The language is just too familiar, you know? Your post is really going to make me aware of how I speak with the young believers or seekers; that’s for sure. Thanks a lot for writing it.

    Blog: http://www.understandinggod.info


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