washboard-546998_1920I hate washboard roads.

You get the picture; they have ruts and potholes and make a driver miserable.

That may be a leading factor in road rage, just a matter of opinion…SEPTEMBER 2014 002
In contrast, a freshly paved road is smooth sailing. I can actually drink a favorite beverage without spilling it all over me.

Life with the LORD is a journey.

I do experience bumps in the road along the way; yet, at His discretion He levels the path.

“The way of the righteous is smooth; O Upright One, make the path of the righteous level (Isaiah 26:7 NAS).”


  1. 1

    You need to have Anne-lise post a pic for your profile image… now, the invisible woman!
    When Norm was driving 18-wheelers washboard roads were terrible when I was trying to pour our coffee, tea and cups of soup!


  2. 2
    danniehawley Says:

    Good analogy, Pam!

    Here we have long highway stretches of washboard roads. If one can reach just the right speed, one can skim along the top of the washboard and not feel the bumps at all. Anne-Lise said it’s about 45 mph here. Of course, it only lasts until one hits that cavernous pothole…then, ugh!

    Website: http://www.goldennuggetsandsilvermusings.com Memoir blog: http://www.understandinggod.info


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