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What happens when one of the lights on your Christmas tree stops working?SEPTEMBER 2014 002

In some instances, all lights on the string of lights may also go dark. I speak from experience; that is very annoying. One of our past artificial Christmas trees had permanent miniature lights, set in three separate sections.

At the end of a Christmas season, the bottom section lighting quit. I ignored the outage, deciding I could wait to correct the problem. I got a wake-up call when I set up the tree the following year. I asked my husband to solve the problem and he said that it would be easiest to buy new lights.

A simple task it was not. After purchasing a new set of lights, he dropped them on the floor and shorted them out. So, he made a return trip to the store, bought set # 2 of lights. He is a patient man; I applaud the final results. The tree never looked prettier.

Each light on a string of tree lights is important…

They brighten their branch, working with the others to illuminate the tree and our homes.

Jesus left us with specific instructions.

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven (Matthew 5:16 NKJ).”

The body of Christ is much like a Christmas tree. When we each let our light shine, we form a line of lights to illuminate a darkened world.


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