This Too Will Pass


John 14:1-3

The Psalmist said, “The troubles of my heart are enlarged”, and he cried out to God to deliver him. (Psalm 25:17) We have all felt that way at sometime. Our hearts become heavy with the trials that come upon us. The Book of Job records “Man that is born of woman is of few days and full of trouble”. (Job 14:1) If anyone knew about troubles, Job did.

But Jesus said, “Let not your heart be troubled, you believe in God, believe also in Me.” What an admonition that is. And it is coupled with the promise in verse 2 of John 14 as Jesus assures us that He is making provision for our eternal comfort and security.

“When things aren’t doing right in life”, it does help to cling to this precious passage for it comes from the lips of our Savior. He is faithful to keep His promises. My mother would always tell me in times of trouble, “This too shall pass away”. Remember, dear one, all things in life will pass away…whether it be good or bad…it will pass away. Enjoy the good things of life, family, friends, they will be fleeting. Endure the trials of life; they too will be gone in time.

“Father, Thank You for your blessed promise that You are gone away for awhile to prepare a place for us to be with You. That is such a comforting thought and such a blessed time to look forward to. Amen”

Love At First Sight


It was still fresh in their memory; that lovely December evening,

A perfect day for a wedding, chilly breeze, setting Sun, in all it’s glory,

The bride and the groom, resplendent in their wedding dress,

The church decorated with crimson paper and fresh flowers,

Crowded with relatives, friends and well wishers,  

The procession so touching, flowers girls to the page boy,

But it was the best man and the bridesmaid, who made such a lovely couple,

And it is their story, which we were to tell, to learn a lesson of what love is.

Meeting for the first time in the church portico, it was love at first sight,

Never were they alone throughout the evening, hands held, dancing together,

Made such a lovely couple, everyone misty eyed, just looked at their tender love,

What with the music, the gaiety, the laughter, it was an evening to remember,

The magic of love spinning a web, time stood still, as they discovered each other,

Married, did they, within a year, to live happily ever after, just like a fairy tale ending,

Made such a nice Christian family, loving, caring, praying, promising themselves,

To care, love, in sickness and health, confident that nothing can wedge them apart.

All good things end, when love disappears; where, how, why, things did go wrong,

Neither he nor she could ever tell as he lay besides her, snoring like a bear,

Hibernating, unaware of her long winter, climbing into a tomb, called office,

Wrapping his mind in a shroud of paper figures, buried himself, with his customers,

They lost each other so deeply, in between the oldest child’s first tooth,

To the youngest daughter’s graduation, the two minds never touched,

Making a heavy barricade, neither, a battery ram of words,

Nor an artillery of touch, can ever stop, as a wall arose, dividing the two.

Cemented by mortar of indifference, selfish to the core, which earlier was not there.

Uncommunicative, they unconsciously became all qualities to make the devil happy,

Sadly it dawned on the couple, when love dies; it is not in a moment of anger,

It is not when they have difference of opinion, it is not when they don’t see eye to eye,

Love dies when you have that don’t care attitude, when you stop communicating,

When you think of yourself, when there is not a word of appreciation,

No word of thanks and when you don’t pray together,

Love dies when you become total strangers, unaware, but still living under one roof.

Love grows when you have that I care attitude, a pat on the back for a job well done,

A hand on the shoulder for that I am with you, a touch of tenderness for that I love you,

A smile on the face when you reach home, a hug to say that all is well with you and me,

A concerned look if the other is tired and sick, small things add to build a happy home,

And when you pray together, family prayer, you stay together a happy Christian family,

Bring God to live in your house, in your thoughts, in your plans, to have His way,

Because He brought you together for the first time, to live and love together,

Make your home a happy Eden, never allowing any thing to slither in.

Secret Of A Successful Marriage


It was their fiftieth wedding anniversary.

Contented, the couple sat together,

Listening intently to all the speeches made,

Followed by praises which amused them both,

Puzzled, guests, could not but ask, the question,

What is the secret of your marriage?

For in this age of marital discord and suspicion,

Couples don’t see eye to eye, let alone talk,

Hate the very sight, and the thought of each other,

But you seem to be in love, for whenever you see her, it is with a smile.

The husband answered, hesitatingly, I grew up all alone,

In an orphanage with none to call my own,

To get over the pain and the loneliness,

I worked hard to be on my own,

Esther was the only girl I dated,

Marriage, a simple one with close ones,

Esther’s father took  me aside,

Handed me a small gift, apologetic,

Expressing, that he cannot afford more,

Wishing us a happy married life.

Nervously I fumbled at the lone gift I received,

Opening the paper and the ribbon,

In the box was a large gold watch,

With a message etched out across the back,

Every day, at home and at church,

I wore the watch with the golden chain,

Proud to wear in fair weather or foul,

The entire fifty years I not only read the time,

But the secret message,

Which said, say something nice to Esther, daily.


Lord, I’m At The End Of My Rope


Hebrews 13:5

It seems that when I get to the end of my rope I find God is already there.

The promise goes way back to Genesis 28:15, when God spoke to Jacob. His promise then was that He would not leave Jacob. He would take care of him. The writer of Hebrews reiterates this promise to them as he is referring here to the Genesis passage.

We all come to a place in our lives that we sometimes feel is the end of our rope. When that happens we feel all we can do is tie a knot in it and hang on. Go ahead; tie the knot…help’s a ‘comin! Our Father, Himself, has promised that He has not moved and left a “no forwarding address”. He is right where He has always been…just a prayer away.

We have all had offers from well-meaning people who say, “If there is anything I can do, just let me know.” Sometimes the need arises at the midnight hour and you are not about to call on such a one. But, our Father neither slumbers nor sleeps; He is available and He is able.

“Father, help me when I feel lonely, abandoned or helpless to know that You are there. Let me know that I am protected in the refuge of Your mighty arms. You are there to hear me, to help me, to protect me and to love me. I thank You and praise You. Amen”