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Close To God


As a Christian,

I understand that when God cleans my heart,

I get closer and closer to Him.

But when sins, selfish attitudes and worldly cares,

Keeps me from getting closer to the Lord,

I lay aside the World’s weight,

For when I lay them aside,

I experience the inspiring joy,

Of a Christian

Who is close to the Lord.

Christian Growth, GUEST AUTHOR, Poems

Your Words


Your Words have upheld…Job 4:4

Encouraging words spoken firmly,

Motivates, strengthens the stumbling,

For it is in you to say, express loudly,

Words which make the weak, strong.

Say an encouraging word to your pastor,

For his sermons and for the prayers,

For being in the church, a pillar of strength,

For conducting weddings and baptisms ceaselessly.

To the postman and the corner policeman,

All around you, for these are those who matter,

Who serve; look after you, your well being and security,

For you to be in comfort, without worry and distress.

Speak those words, comforting and encouraging,

Which motivates them to do their outmost,

You don’t lose, but they gain satisfaction,

That they are appreciated and well thought off.

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The Great Flood


 And it repented the Lord that He had made man on the earth, and it grieved Him at His Heart. Genesis 6:6

Noah talked and walked with God,

Day in and day out, through out the year.

He and his family, the only ones around,

Amongst so many sinners and idolaters.

Moral depravity and growing sin,

Made man, the most despicable animal,

That God repented, about His creation,

Sadly deciding, to destroy mankind totally.

But Noah and his family, the only ones around,

Who found grace with God the Almighty,

Was saved from the inevitable judgment,

Along with the birds, animals, in two’s and seven’s.

Build an Ark, commanded God,

Of gopher wood, four decks high, rooms aplenty,

Noah started immediately and obediently,

Without a thought, of where to sail.

Up went the Ark, divine plan in action,

Inspired by God, strengthened by faith,

Prayer and song, drowning the wicked laughter,

Ridiculing Noah, his Ark, and his God.

Noah did not worry about how to go about,

From foundation to finish, God enlightened him,

The wood, the plan, measurement to the purpose,

God planed the little details for the great task ahead.

Animals and birds, God collected to the last,

Leaving nothing for Noah to get worried about.

Filling four decks high with forty five thousand animals,

A great and an impossible task, a lone man cannot do.

Often we do just the opposite of Noah,

Worry in details over things which we have no control,

Neglecting specific areas, like responsibilities and relationships,

That is under over control and loosing sight of the goal.


Love At First Sight


It was still fresh in their memory; that lovely December evening,

A perfect day for a wedding, chilly breeze, setting Sun, in all it’s glory,

The bride and the groom, resplendent in their wedding dress,

The church decorated with crimson paper and fresh flowers,

Crowded with relatives, friends and well wishers,  

The procession so touching, flowers girls to the page boy,

But it was the best man and the bridesmaid, who made such a lovely couple,

And it is their story, which we were to tell, to learn a lesson of what love is.

Meeting for the first time in the church portico, it was love at first sight,

Never were they alone throughout the evening, hands held, dancing together,

Made such a lovely couple, everyone misty eyed, just looked at their tender love,

What with the music, the gaiety, the laughter, it was an evening to remember,

The magic of love spinning a web, time stood still, as they discovered each other,

Married, did they, within a year, to live happily ever after, just like a fairy tale ending,

Made such a nice Christian family, loving, caring, praying, promising themselves,

To care, love, in sickness and health, confident that nothing can wedge them apart.

All good things end, when love disappears; where, how, why, things did go wrong,

Neither he nor she could ever tell as he lay besides her, snoring like a bear,

Hibernating, unaware of her long winter, climbing into a tomb, called office,

Wrapping his mind in a shroud of paper figures, buried himself, with his customers,

They lost each other so deeply, in between the oldest child’s first tooth,

To the youngest daughter’s graduation, the two minds never touched,

Making a heavy barricade, neither, a battery ram of words,

Nor an artillery of touch, can ever stop, as a wall arose, dividing the two.

Cemented by mortar of indifference, selfish to the core, which earlier was not there.

Uncommunicative, they unconsciously became all qualities to make the devil happy,

Sadly it dawned on the couple, when love dies; it is not in a moment of anger,

It is not when they have difference of opinion, it is not when they don’t see eye to eye,

Love dies when you have that don’t care attitude, when you stop communicating,

When you think of yourself, when there is not a word of appreciation,

No word of thanks and when you don’t pray together,

Love dies when you become total strangers, unaware, but still living under one roof.

Love grows when you have that I care attitude, a pat on the back for a job well done,

A hand on the shoulder for that I am with you, a touch of tenderness for that I love you,

A smile on the face when you reach home, a hug to say that all is well with you and me,

A concerned look if the other is tired and sick, small things add to build a happy home,

And when you pray together, family prayer, you stay together a happy Christian family,

Bring God to live in your house, in your thoughts, in your plans, to have His way,

Because He brought you together for the first time, to live and love together,

Make your home a happy Eden, never allowing any thing to slither in.

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Secret Of A Successful Marriage


It was their fiftieth wedding anniversary.

Contented, the couple sat together,

Listening intently to all the speeches made,

Followed by praises which amused them both,

Puzzled, guests, could not but ask, the question,

What is the secret of your marriage?

For in this age of marital discord and suspicion,

Couples don’t see eye to eye, let alone talk,

Hate the very sight, and the thought of each other,

But you seem to be in love, for whenever you see her, it is with a smile.

The husband answered, hesitatingly, I grew up all alone,

In an orphanage with none to call my own,

To get over the pain and the loneliness,

I worked hard to be on my own,

Esther was the only girl I dated,

Marriage, a simple one with close ones,

Esther’s father took  me aside,

Handed me a small gift, apologetic,

Expressing, that he cannot afford more,

Wishing us a happy married life.

Nervously I fumbled at the lone gift I received,

Opening the paper and the ribbon,

In the box was a large gold watch,

With a message etched out across the back,

Every day, at home and at church,

I wore the watch with the golden chain,

Proud to wear in fair weather or foul,

The entire fifty years I not only read the time,

But the secret message,

Which said, say something nice to Esther, daily.


Christian Growth, Poems

The Tapestry

GUEST WRITER: Victor Jasti

God said let their be light,

Dividing light from darkness, called He night.

World, He created, in an orderly fashion,

Like a master craftsman, weaving a tapestry.

Every seed, plant followed by flowers and fruit,

Animals and birds, fish and all that breathes,

Created He, just the way He wanted,

Like a master craftsman, weaving a tapestry.

Pinnacle of creation, man and woman,

Created He in His own image, valuable in His sight,

For no other part of creation can claim that privilege,

Like a master craftsman, weaving a tapestry.

Life is like a richly woven tapestry,

God the master weaver, deep in work,

Thread, different colors and hues, varied textures,

Interwoven to provide a dramatic design.

God the master weaver, created tapestry,

For us to fit in, in intricate ways,

For without us, the tapestry is not complete,

He in His glory sees which we cannot.

For the tapestry to be complete fully,

We should allow Him to do His work,

Instead of complaining of the thread,

About its color, texture and the design.

For we spoil the good work of our Lord,

By complaining of our friends and family,

In our work place and in the church,

For it is He, who weaves, the tapestry.

Allowing Him to complete the tapestry,

We give us, ourselves, a role to play,

For us to fit in, in His grand plan,

Of making the world a better place to live in.


It’s Love In The Air

Guest Author: Victor Jasti

Its love in the air, Which makes the seasons, Bloom to its fullness.

You look at the spring, Its beautiful and young.

You look at the winter, Its so cozy and cool.

You look at the summer, Its so glowing bright and sunny.

You look at the autumn, To know the difference.

 The weather makes for sure.

 Only when in love, Do you enjoy the seasons, Full to the brim amd overflowing.

 Look around and you know why, Feelings of love for nature God created.

 Both go hand in hand, Without one there is no other.