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Egotistic Self-Assessment


Allowing oneself to get the big head of egotistic self-assessment often leads to a sudden awakening. “Me, myself and I” mentality blind us to the omnipotence of God. Through the Book of Daniel, we discover how quickly King Nebuchadnezzar fell from status of national leader to living as an outcast in the midst of wild animals.

“You will be driven away from people to live with the wild animals. You will feed on grass like cattle and be drenched with dew from the sky for seven periods of time, until you acknowledge that the Most High is ruler over the kingdom of men, and He gives it to anyone He wants (Daniel 4:25 HCS).”

The prophetic warning came true within a year. (Daniel 4:28-33) Humbled, he worshiped and praised the Most High. “Now, I Nebuchadnezzar, praise, exalt, and glorify the King of heaven, because all His works are true and His ways are just. And He is able to humble those who walk in pride (Daniel 4:37 HCS).”

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Pricks & Pride



A thorn in the flesh is healthier

Than a clot of pride in the heart.

A thorn will prick your attention;

Pride vainly numbs your smarts.


A thorn seeks immediate care

To purge the prick of its pain.

Pride probes for its pacifier,

Suavely sucking its own gain.


How quickly we yank the thorn;

It is most troublesome at best.

We leave fleshly plump Pride

Feathering and fluffing its nest.


Thorns set off many red flags,

Panic buttons and alarms;

Pride smugly veils its soul

Concealing its ways of harm.


Give me a thorn any old day,

Within my flesh or without;

I’ll rid it of its harmful deed

And quickly give it a shout!


But Pride: O me, O my, I cry!

Is a need I must have for sure.

Please spare me just a little bit.

How else will I ever endure?