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Thanksgiving Trees

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Once upon a time, a Thanksgiving time…

I was at the home of ‘our gourd lady;’ my mother-in-law.

Looking across the road, a Thanksgiving tree beckoned me.

Its colorful wind rustled leaves were a sight to behold.

Carried by a Louisiana breeze, fallen leaves danced in the road.

If only the tree could talk…

What message would it share?

The tree, so beautiful in the autumn season, brought to mind the elderly.

In the autumn of their years, the elderly radiate warmth and charm.

If wise, those in the springtime and summer seasons of life will honor and emulate the aged.

Yes, the Thanksgiving tree could convey that message.

God allowed me to witness the tree at the pinnacle of its glory.

As Master artist, He had decorated it for Thanksgiving.

He’d spread a blanket of multi colored leaves around the trunk of the tree. The symmetrical tree held only a few uneven branches. They directed my sight above to the sky and to Him, my Creator.

The Creator’s chosen colors held the most important message.

His pallet held vibrant hues of green, red and orange.

Green leaves remaining represent everlasting life, His gift to all who believe in His Son. (John 3:16)

Red symbolize the shed blood of Jesus. He gave His life to pay for our sins. (Ephesians 1:7)

Orange signifies lives aglow with the Holy Spirit. (Acts 7:55)

Thanksgiving Day 2020 is drawing near; the Father is in our midst.

He decorated Thanksgiving trees; let’s celebrate!

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